Olivia-Newton John details her battle with cancer

Olivia Newton-John calls tabloid and Internet buzz about her being at death's door "stupid."

Attempting to set the record straight, Olivia tells People, "Why not just go, ‘Here I am, and I’m fine!" That explains her upbeat denial video posted earlier this winter. She believes releasing it in the wake of the rumors "just nipped it in the bud."

However, she's not downplaying the seriousness of her stage four breast cancer. Over the last six months, she's been recovering from a fractured pelvis, a side effect of the weakening of her bones due to therapy. She spent her 70th birthday last September in a hospital while undergoing radiation treatment.

Even though her cancer will be likely be chronic, Olivia's attitude remains positive. "Of course I had my moments, and my tears and all that... But I have a wonderful husband who supports me through those things." And her doctor recently was "very happy" with her progress.

Olivia details her health battles and life's other ups and downs in the memoir Don't Stop Believin'. Published last year in Australia, the book goes on sale here next Tuesday.

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