Win by Giving Back

The Roosevelt, New Orleans is celebrating 125 years with a unique contest. You enter by giving them back items you stole from them and the most outrageous one wins. The prize is a seven-night stay in the Presidential Suite with private meals cooked by their executive chef, and spa experiences.

So far, plates from when it was The Grunewald (from 1893-1923) have been sent in, a 1959 vinyl recording from the Blue Room, (where Louis Armstrong performed), and even a tablecloth have been returned.

The plan is to display all the booty as part of the celebration. No one will get in trouble, as the management says it’s flattering knowing people want a sentimental piece of The Roosevelt.

There’s a site for the contest, which ends July 1st, 2019. And yes, you can send in items you buy from auction sites.

Have you ever stolen anything from a hotel? What was it? Would you turn it back in for a chance at a luxurious stay?

Source:Conde Nast Traveler

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