Elton John takes a swipe at Billy Joel

Elton John has once again taken a pot shot at his onetime touring partner, Billy Joel.

The Sun asked about Billy's comment last year that Elton is "dragging down” his legacy by continuing to release new albums. Elton said, "Well actually, he hasn’t made anything since 1993 because he can’t. I love releasing new music. It doesn’t sell but that’s the point -- it’s like telling a painter not to paint. He’s just lazy. Yeah, I love him to death but he’s lazy.”

Elton's last album was 2016's Wonderful Crazy Night. And Billy's last pop album was 1993's River of Dreams. In 2001 he did release a classical album, Fantasies and Delusions.

But Rolling Stone just asked Billy about just that. He says, "I still write music. I just don’t record it, and they’re not in song form... It’s purely for my own edification. I don’t feel compelled to record it. I don’t feel compelled to make myself be relevant... I lived the rock and roll life, and I’m not writing that anymore... It’s really about the creative process that’s important to me, not about having records on the charts or selling a lot of recordings. I’m learning all the time, and you never stop learning."

So, does this mean he'll never record a new album? "I’m never going to say never. I may come up with an idea that could become a song. I may write a movie soundtrack. I may write a symphony. I don’t know. Anything’s possible."

Also possible is another tour with Elton. "I would if he asked me to, sure. We worked together for 16 years, and those were good shows. I thought they were good value. I would work with him again, absolutely."

Billy turns 70 on Thursday and will celebrate on stage that night at New York's Madison Square Garden as part of his monthly residence there.

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