Taylor Dayne has an important story to tell

Taylor Dayne has "an important story for me to tell" in her memoir Tell It to My Heart.

She says one of the book's underlying themes is female empowerment. That's important as she believes that women still don't receive a fair shake in the entertainment industry.

"Look, it's my journey, but it's not just, you know, didn't start 30 years ago. It started from Long Island, 50. So this is the story from New York to, making of my first record and I think the body of it is very important. It's... there are so many topical things going on for women in the industries, in the entertainment industries. And certainly, we barely scratch the surface in the music industry. Trust me on that."

Taylor Dayne says a combination of determination and support enabled her to overcome sexism and succeed:

"In the face of that, I've had such great success and that comes from fans and obviously I've had the record company behind me and more than that. It's an individual thing. Not everybody can take no's, working... You know I never had any other dream, but this is it. I'm living it."

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