Paul McCartney is doing better than ever on his 77th birthday

Paul McCartney turns 77 today and remains one of the highest profile musicians in the world. The artist and activist, known for advocating a meat-free diet, animal welfare and environmental causes, will be back on stage Saturday at Petco Park in San Diego.

Paul McCartney talked about being grateful that his music appeals to a wide age range:

[courtesy: Jim Kerr Show, WAXQ New York]

"Thank you, for, like appreciating something we did a long time ago. I'm wrong to assume that it's just my generation's going to like it. And I know that, for instance, I like Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, and that wasn't my generation. So, I suppose, what they're doing is they're liking good music. And I can say that now about the Beatles. 'Cause, you know, it's not being conceited. I know that the stuff we did was really good."

Paul McCartney talked about how “Band on the Run” came together in the studio in Lagos, Nigeria:

“It’d be me on drums and probably normally me and Denny’d start it off with a couple of acoustics just to get the song down, like you would for a demo, and then we’d just build it up like a sculpture. And the song, in writing itself, sort of then came to that phrase ‘band on the run’ and I thought, 'That’s nice, ’cause if it makes it as a recording it will be a great album title.’”

Paul McCartney looks back on his life and impact The Beatles had on the world:

 "You know, being part of The Beatles, you do think that. You kind of have to think that. I look back now -- you see vintage footage and I see all these kind of little bands with the Beatle haircut, and I think, 'I know where you got that. You didn't have that before we came along.'"

Paul McCartney talked about why it was right for The Beatles to break-up while they were still on top:

"Now, looking back on The Beatles, it's a very complete body of work and there's nothing left to prove with the Beatles. So in a way, I'm kind of glad, it's like I look at the Beatles' career and it's like looking at Picasso's career. You go, 'Boy, that was good'."

Paul McCartney talked about The Beatles' legendary White Album:

"That was the big tension album. We were all in the middle of the sort of psychedelic thing or just coming out of it or whatever. But, it was weird, you know, I mean never before had we recorded with likes beds in the studio and people visiting for hours on end and business meetings and all of this. There was a lot of friction during that album."

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