Henry Gross: 70's star looks back at Woodstock 50 years later

Woodstock's youngest performer will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland tonight to discuss the iconic weekend festival.

Henry Gross was just 18 and a member of Sha Na Na when the retro band played at Yasgur's Farm in August 1969.

He'll be at the Hall's Foster Theater to share stories and songs. The native New Yorker tell us he'll play his songs -- the best known of which is his surf music homage "Shannon" -- and tip his hat to the band where he got his start.

Gross doesn't mind setting the record straight as to who was -- and wasn't -- the youngest performer at Woodstock.

Henry Gross was the youngest performer at Woodstock, though others believe it was a member of Santana:

"Everybody thought it was Michael Shrieve, who played with Santana because he looked like he was about 10 years old at that time. But he was actually a couple of years older than me. You know. for years, peiople would say, 'Well, the youngest guy was Michael Shrieve. And I went, 'Michael's a seriously gemius player, but anyway, it's that silly and pointless and wasn't wasn't something that had to do with talent or any hard work. It was just luck of the draw."

Gross has played several Woodstock-themed shows in recent months. On the actual 50th anniversary weekend, he'll be join other artists with Woodstock ties, Ten Years After and Big Brother and The Holding Company (Janis Joplin's former backing band) on HippieFest package shows in Clearwater, Florida (August 16th) and Fort Lauderdale (on the 18th).