Olivia Newton-John: Not interested in when

A major national newspaper seemed to suggest that Olivia Newton-John is in her final days with the clickbait line, "Olivia Newton-John doesn't want to know how long she has to live." 

In a just-televised interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the singer-actress discusses her stage four cancer diagnosis, and the possibility of a time limit. But Olivia remains positive as she treats her disease with a combination of traditional medicines and CBD.

"We know we're going to die, at some point. Unfortunately, being humans, we have that knowlege. And we don't when it is. When you're given a cancer diagnosis or a scary honest diagnosis, you're suddenly given the possibility of a time limit. The truth is, you get hit by a truck tomorrow, you know, you don't know. So, every day is a gift now, particularly now."

Olivia Newton-John talked about dealing with the recurrence of cancer:

"There's probably a little bit of denial each time, because I don't want it to be true. But, I would always look into it. And the last one, with the... the sacrum, that was probably the scariest, 'cause it's affecting my bones. But I'm getting strong again, so I'm good."

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