David Crosby: Rolling Stone publishes his latest advice column

Rolling Stone has published David Crosby's third advice column, and this time he gives guidance on the state of the nation, learning to play guitar and living with diabetes.

Patti, a 63-year-old grandmother, says she is "very worried about the future of our country in light of the current administration. How can I stay hopeful?"

Crosby: "Take a handful of sleeping pills every 15 minutes. The country is in a lot of trouble. Our democracy is in a lot of trouble. The President is like an infant, a really nasty infant. I think you’re right to be worried. I think we’re in a lot of trouble. Our situation in the world is in a lot of trouble.

The worst of it is not the damage that this is doing to our democracy or our traditions. It’s that by denying global warming, he’s causing us to do harm to every human being on the planet. That’s what’s known as bad karma. That’s not a good thing. We should be the leaders in fighting global warming... And their denial because they don’t even understand it, let alone their denial because it’s not profitable for them personally, is a sin. It’s really a bad thing..."

Debi, a 64-year-old, asks if he has any tips on learning to play guitar.

Croz: "First of all, you have to get callouses because it hurts. After you get them, the way to do it if you really want to be good is you have to put in 10,000 hours... You can’t go to school for it. Nobody can teach it to you. Lessons don’t do it. Practice doesn’t do it. What does it, if you want to know the secret code, you have to smoke a joint. Then you play until your fingers hurt because you get hung up. Then you can do it. But you have to get hung up for a long time. 64 isn’t too old. I learned new stuff in my late 50s and early 60s. You can learn. We aren’t dead. We’re just creepy looking.

Dave says he was just diagnosed with diabetes and has "trouble with what to eat. What do you eat daily?"

Croz: "I can explain it to you. I am diabetic. I have been for about 40 years... Now, people do these complex diets where you can only eat the third grape and other nonsense. But you eat it, you burn it. What you don’t burn, you wear. It’s that simple...

"Simple. So you have to cut down on what you eat...

"The weight thing is central critical to diabetes. That’s why people are going Type 2 diabetic all over the country now. It’s just because they are eating crap food largely because all of the packaged foods, all of them, every cereal they make, is full of high fructose corn syrup. Bad. The worst kind of sugar. And they put it in all the packaged foods, all of the bread. It’s bad for you. It’s crap. But they also are just feeding you too much food. The portions are too big. The Western Europeans have got it right. You shouldn’t be eating more than what you can fit in your hand."

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