Glenn Frey: Songwriter Jack Temphchin has more collaborations with Frey

Jack Tempchin says that he has unrecorded songs co-written with the late Glenn Frey.

The 2019 Songwriters Hall of Famer tells Billboard, "We still had songs we were working on for his next album, but we never did another album [before he fell ill]... It's between five and 10 more things in various stages. There's a couple that are really almost completely done, and then there's others that are partial."

"One More Time With Feeling," the title track of Tempchin's current album, was just such a joint creation by the longtime friends. Jack calls it "kind of a classic, simple love story with a great groove. You can hear Glenn in it a lot. It was just a thrill to finish it."

Tempchin befriended the Eagles after they recorded "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Already Gone," which he wrote. But they only began writing together when Frey began building a solo career.

Jack Tempchin says he began writing with Glenn Frey when the Eagles went on hiatus in the early '80s:

"They had done two of my songs, but up till that point, Glenn and I had never tried to write a song together. And I came over to the house and I was just kind of whistling something and he opened the door. 'Wow, he's already got a song.' It's quite easy. He wanted to have fun."

Tempchin says Frey wanted a very different mood when he worked outside the Eagles and apart from Don Henley.

"He and Don had written masterpieces of songs, but they worked really diligently. When I got together with him, we just kinda had a technique we called El Blurto. You know, we'd get to feeling really good and just make up stuff for an hour and then go back and look at it."

The lyric video of "One More Time With Feeling" has just been posted.

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