Linda Ronstadt opens up about her life and music

Linda Ronstadt found it uncomfortable to watch the new documentary film about her.

She tells the Los Angeles Times, "It’s like your whole musical life goes by in a flash. It’s very disorienting.... I’m relieved that it isn’t something that made me look stupid. I do a good enough job of that myself.”

Thinking back about her career, she says, "There are some things I did that I’m pretty happy about... I had a lot of formidable competition. Joni Mitchell and Carole King — I felt like the freshman class and they were the senior class. Fortunately, I’ve never felt that music is a competition, so it doesn’t matter if Joni Mitchell can sing better than I can, or BonnieRaitt, who can sing rings around me anytime. I just did what I did and tried the best that I could."

Ronstadt says she now listens to music via YouTube, enjoying acts as diverse as as Taylor SwiftSiaKaty Perry and Czech operatic soprano Edita Adlerová.

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice opens next weekend and will air on CNN in early 2020.

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