Tina Turner musical arrives on Broadway

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical premiered Thursday night on Broadway. And Holly Knight was there to see it.

The native New Yorker wrote nine songs Tina has recorded over the years -- three of which, including "The Best," are in the score of the bio-musical, which stars Adrienne Warren.

Knight, who saw the musical in London, believes it has the right dramatic and musical elements to succeed.

Holly says Tina: The Tina Turner Musical appeals both to men and women:"I think men love it, too. It's rock and roll. It's like they find it sexy, so it appeals to everybody. And that's why everybody should go see...go see the musical, the Tina Turner musical. It's going to appeal to everybody for different reasons -- certainly the music and certainly her story."

Warren, who won raves starring in Tina's London production, brings the title role to New York.

Holly Knight is deeply impressed by Adrienne Warren's stage portrayal of Tina Turner: "The first challenge is to find someone that sounds like Tina. There's a lot of people that sort of sound like her, but this girl Adrienne, I can close my eyes and I cannot tell the difference. And I know the difference. Not only because I've worked with Tina. I've literally stood in the studio and sung backgrounds with her starting at me, which was, let me tell you that was ridiculously intimidating."

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