The Revolution's Lisa Coleman recalls car that inspired Prince classic

Prince's "Little Red Corvette" was, in fact, inspired by another car entirely.

Promoting the expanded reissue of Prince's 1999 album, keyboardist Lisa Coleman of The Revolution says the car in question was hers. And it wasn't a Corvette, but a pink-and-white 1964 Mercury Montclair.

Coleman says Prince often borrowed her car, even used it for dates. She believes Prince used the large sedan with a big back seat to do more than drive with his protégé and girlfriend Vanity. Lisa says she once found strands of a woman's hair wrapped around the car's rear window handle.

She tells the BBC, "So I imagine they were making out, or doing whatever, in the back seat and they probably had a wonderful moment of afterglow, which is when he got the seed of the idea... But it's not a red Corvette, it's a pink Mercury!"

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