Kenny Loggins is concerned about the environment

Kenny Loggins says he’s worried about the future of our planet.He opened up about the environment recently in the New York Post.

Kenny’s "Conviction of the Heart" was dubbed by Al Gore as "the unofficial anthem of the environmental movement." He calls the current situation "very depressing."

Kenny adds, "Trump in office dismantling all the protections in order to make more money off the planet. To me, the environmental movement is a spiritual movement. We are connected to the Earth. We are part of it, and the damage that we do to the Earth is the damage we do to ourselves and to each other."

Loggin has taken note of the cleaner air we've seen as people drove less during the pandemic. "The planet really wants to come back, and the only thing keeping it from happening is humans... I was sorta hoping that once we saw what could happen if we cleaned up our act, we might actually be motivated to try and do something about it. But old habits die hard." He believes people are "so addicted to fossil fuels and the lifestyle that we’ve become accustomed to, and so I think it requires a shift in consciousness."

While he doesn't "have a lot of hope for this species," Loggins, who is 72, says he "isn't giving up on humanity... There’s still a lot to do and we always seem to pull something out of our asses when we need to, so there may be a miracle." (New York Post)

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]