Everything changed for John Lennon and the Eagles 40 years ago today

We’re taking a look back at two big things that happened 40 years ago today on July 31, 1980 that would change things for John Lennon and the Eagles.

That day Lennon was talking about plans for a comeback album with producer Jack Douglas. Later in August, Lennon began recording the landmark Double Fantasy album.The comeback was complete only months before we lost John in a senseless act of violence.

That same day in Long Beach, California the Eagles performed at a big benefit concert for California U.S. Senator Alan Cranston at Long Beach Convention Center.

That turned out to be the beginning of the end (at the time) of one of the biggest bands in rock ‘n roll history.Glenn Frey, who arranged the show, and Don Felder, who was opposed to playing at a political rally, exchanged unpleasantries through the performance and the band announced its breakup a few days later.

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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