Paul McCartney treats fans to big reissue today

Paul McCartney's Archive Collection series rolls on today with the reissue of his album Flaming Pie.

Flaming Pie was Sir Paul’s 10th solo album, released just after The BeatlesAnthology series back in 1997.

Paul McCartney recently opened up about an article John Lennon once wrote and how it inspired the title of Flaming Pie:

"He wrote this piece called On the Dubious Origins of The Beatles. At one point in it it says, 'When I was 12 I had a vision. A man appeared unto me on a flaming pie and said, 'You shall be The Beatles with an A,' something like this, 'And so it was.' And that was it. That was John's official explanation. And then when looking for an album title, this album has come off the back of the Anthology, so any of those connections I'm quite comfortable with."

The album was produced by Paul along with Jeff Lynne and George Martin.

Paul talked about Jeff Lynne when he asked him to produce the album: 

"I said, 'You know you got a sound, don't you Jeff?' With ELO and all that, and [Traveling] WIlburys and stuff. It's become a sound and [The Beatles'] 'Free as a Bird' even had it. You know, I remember George Martin remarking there was a certain Jeff Lynne-ness to the sound, you know. So I said to Jeff, 'I like it and I don't mind if we do like one track like that, that's fine. You know, hey, it's your sound. But I think we should be careful.' I said, 'I don't want the album to come out like a Jeff Lynne album.' And he was very up for it. I give him credit. He said, 'Yeah, okay.' And also 'cause I had other tracks with Steve [Miller] and on my own that I knew all had to fit together."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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