Bob Dylan can't tour this year--but he is staying busy

Bob Dylan certainly hasn’t been able to tour this year, but he’s busy turning to movies to fill his time.

Dylan teamed up with George Clooney and collaborator Grant Heslov to develop John Grisham’s baseball-themed novel Calico Joe into a movie.Looks like Clooney may direct the project.

The book is the story of a promising player who's in a coma for three decades after being hit by a pitch in 1973.Regarding the project, Dylan says, "George and Grant see in this book what I see in it -- a powerful story that will resonate with young and old alike. People in all walks of life will be able relate to it."

This is actually the second movie this year that Dylan's has a hand in producing.A movie about Dylan going electric in 1965 starring Timothee Chalamet is in the works.

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]