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Little River Band returns with a timely single for Veterans Day

Little River Band returns with a new song “The Lost and the Lonely” honoring those who serve in the military just in time for Veterans Day.

Group leader Wayne Nelson says "The Lost and the Lonely" stays true to their signature sound since late '70s.The song does stand out though for several reasons -- they're backed by The Craig Turley Rock Symphony, and it wasn't written by any of the band members.

Wayne Nelson talks about the group’s new single:

"Immediately, I was struck with the tone of the music and the message honoring the people who choose to go into the military. It's a choice made at a young age. Just picture what you were thinking about when you were getting ready to graduate from high school -- and these young people decide to put their lives on the line to defend freedom for people they don't even know. That's what that message of the song is about: to honor the choice to step up and put the uniform on."

"The Lost and the Lonely" is being featured on Little River Band's album Black Tie, which will be released November 13th, along with symphonic backing.

Nelson joined the group in 1980 and sang lead vocals on the hit "The Night Owls." He says they've always been influenced by the vocal style pioneered by The Hollies:

"I joined the band a few years after they had been founded, but The Hollies vocals were always striking to me. That Graham Nash sound up on top of The Hollies. Well, Graeham Goble was, at that time, the high singer in Little River Band. And there was a lot of respect and emulating of the way the Hollies featured their vocals, three part vocals, right out front. We've always done that; and this song adds the layered guitars and harmonies and stuff. It spoke to us right away about being a vintage sound for Little River Band. "

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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