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Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Jimmy Buffett set to release new album

Jimmy Buffett just released a new version of the 1994 song “Delaney Talks to Statues,” one of several track set to appear on Jimmy’s next album “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart,” which will be out November 27th. 

The album features new takes on several album deep cuts. Buffett got the idea during quarantine after his fans on social media started songs they’d want to hear Jimmy re-do. From that Jimmy and his daughter Delaney launched a video series of him performing acoustic takes on those songs.

Jimmy told Rolling Stone, “It’s been a large silver lining to spend this time with Delaney revisiting these songs and having the time to recall the inspirations behind them.”

He added,  “We now actually do know the songs we didn’t know by heart, steered by our fans’ love of songs beyond the ‘Big 12.'”

Here’s a look at the songs included on the album:

1.“I Have Found Me A Home”

2.“Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street”

3.“The Captain and the Kid”

4.“Delaney Talks To Statues”

5.“Twelve Volt Man”

6.“Peanut Butter Conspiracy”

7.“Something So Feminine About A Mandolin”

8.“Love In The Library”

9.“Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants”

10.“The Night I Painted The Sky”

11.“Cowboy In The Jungle”

12.“Little Miss Magic”

13.“Tin Cup Chalice”

14.“Tonight I Just Need My Guitar”

15.“Death Of An Unpopular Poet” 

Source: Rolling Stone

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