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Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Toto unveils new lineup with streaming show on Saturday

Steve Lukather is excited to show off the all new Toto lineup when the band hosts a live streaming show for fans on Saturday night.

Lukather and vocalist Joseph Williams are set to debut their lineup and familiar songs in the band's first ever live streaming show.

Steve says the decision to stream was pure business since touring has been off since earlier this year. He and Williams purchased the rights to the Toto name from several former bandmates and they’re ready to go.

Steve talked about the live streaming show:

"Live stream, what the heck is that? You know, I mean. We're gonna find new ways to get out there. And then my agents go, like, look you just spent a fortune for your percentage of the name. You might as well use it, sure pay the people that sued us. Pay them their money, it's the cost of doing business. And Joseph and I felt [we] were the only two guys left from the band that wanted to work."

He says the toughest adjustment for Saturday's show will be playing without the instant feedback from a live audience. Steve also says the new Toto lineup will maintain the group’s tradition:

"I can't wait to show it off. That's the point of doing a live stream is to kind of show off... I've never done one. So I said, we'll do one cheap... we'll give it away, 15 bucks. 15 dollar tickets to see the band play in the privacy of your home. Cranked up and you don't have to leave, anywhere. You can just invite friends over, whatever you want to do, however that works out. So, it's just weird to play a show in front of no people."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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