Barry Gibb says another Bee Gees cover album could happen

Barry Gibb has gone on record saying there could be another album of Bee Gees covers.

In a recent interview with the Australian TV show The Sunday Project, the last surviving Gibb brother says he feels like his late brothers Maurice and Robin would "love" Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook (Vol. 1).

Barry said, "I think they'd love it. That's the mission, that's the mission! And to... keep the music alive no matter what. And there are many more songs yet."

Barry also said that there could be a sequel to the current collaboration of Bee Gees compositions with guest country vocalists.

Barry collaborated with Dolly Parton, who along with the late Kenny Rogers, took the Gibb brothers penned song “Islands in the Stream” to #1.Barry and Dolly updated the Bee Gees classic “Words” on the new album, and Barry calls her "a very kind, affable person. She's always bubbling. When she walks into a room, it [becomes] her room."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]