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Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Phil Collins turns the big 7-0 this weekend

Phil Collins, the iconic Genesis drummer who eventually became their lead vocalist and then an 80’s solo superstar will celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday.Phil has talked a lot over the years about his amazing career.

Phil talked about being a Beatles fan and getting to know three of them:

"Yeah, while I was a fan of all of them, really, I mean I got... Ringo I got to know and George I got to know, Paul I worked with a couple of times. Lennon, I never met. That was... still is my benchmark for great material. 'Is it as good as this? Is it as good as that?' Because those songs and those sounds they got were like groundbreaking."

Phil also talked about Genesis evolving from a progressive rock band into more of an 80’s pop band:

"A lot of Genesis fans didn't like that. They wanted us to remain the way we were so they kinda knew what we were doing. So the change was very very gradual. And it certainly wasn't down to me that this happened. I mean, it coincided with me singing. But it also coincided with the band's simplifying what we did a bit."

Phil talked about the real difference between his music with Genesis and his solo songs:

"We used to crowd things a lot in the studio with Genesis. I know that's the way people hear it and that's the way people get used to it. But by the time I started to do my solo stuff, I... cherished the space. The more it went on, the more my thing was different from the Genesis thing. And that kind of gave it... both of them... a reason to exist. Which is why I did both for as long as I could."

Happy birthday on Saturday to one of the most enduring music icons of all time—the legendary Phil Collins.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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