Peter Frampton still hearing criticism over showing covid vaccination

Peter Frampton continues to receive flak for showing a pic of himself getting vaccinated in the new video for his cover of George Harrison's "Isn't it a Pity" from the new album, Frampton Forgets the Words.

Frampton recently posted one of the criticisms he received on his YouTube channel. The post says, "Such a horrible disappointment seeing a great musician like him becoming a sponsor for "[BLEEP]-cines" and Big Pharma! I truly hope I'm wrong, but if he really injected that c--- into his veins, something tells me that we might lose him in the next few months..."

Frampton continues to take the criticism in stride as he battles Inclusion Body Myositis, which is a progressive muscle disorder, continues to take it in stride.

On the subject of the vaccine, Frampton said, "There's a real big divide on that unfortunately. Why would you turn down something that is saving lives? But of course they say that it's all a government plot to control us and wait for the seventh injection. It's coming you know, it's coming."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]