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Lionel Richie recalls an encounter with Michael Jackson's pet

Lionel Richie recently recalled an encounter with Michael Jackson’s pet python while he and and Michael were working on the song “We Are The World.”

Lionel told Andy Cohen on last Thursday's Watch What Happens Live about coming "eye to eye" with the snake.

Lionel remembered Michael telling him that the snake had been missing, and that he’d been unable to find it for a couple of weeks.

Here’s a little excerpt from the interview: [courtesy of Bravo]

Lionel: "We were in Michael's room, trying to write the lyrics to the whole thing. And I kept hearing this [hissing] sound. And I kept thinking, 'What the heck is that?' Well, to my right, by lying on the floor, I am eye to eye with his albino python...

Andy: "Bubbles? No, that was the monkey...

Lionel: "This was not Bubbles. Bubbles was the [mumbles]. And I can tell you was, I was screaming like the last horror movie in Hollywood. OK, you understand me?"

Lionel also discussed how Michael Jackson reacted to the situation: [courtesy of Bravo]

Lionel: "He says, 'Oh my God, Lionel. I found it. I knew he was in here somewhere...

Andy: "Oh no!...

Lionel: "And I haven't been... He lost the snake in his room for the last two weeks...

Andy: "Don't do me, that way...

Lionel: "That's a memory, while we were writing the lyric."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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