Queen's Brian May deals with depression

Brian May recently sat down for an interview with England’s Sky News and talked about his times of struggling with depression.

Brian said, "I'm a depressive, You know, I know that. If you sit around in a circle, which I've done, you go, 'I'm Brian May. I'm a depressive.' You know, that's what I am. I deal with it everyday. It's always there. The black dog is always somewhere there."[Courtesy of Sky News]

Brian also discussed the type of depression he deals with:

"My sort of panic attack was in a different place. It was on tour and it was a different kind of scenario. But, I became familiar with that feeling and thought it's something I have to talk about -- 'cause I like to talk about everything, especially in song. A song is a place where you can share your emotions with people. And so I wrote the thing from inside here."[Courtesy of Sky News]

May wrote the song "Panic Attack 2021 (It's Gonna Be All Right)." The song is a reworking of the tune "It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)," which Brian wrote with British singer Kerry Ellis.

Brian said, "The verses are quite dark because you're looking at something quite negative and difficult. But the chorus is 'I'm gonna deal with this. It's gonna be alright.' So this is about here and now. It's about feeling panicky and thinking, 'Is this gonna go on forever?' No. it's gonna be alright and we're gonna be alright." [Courtesy of Sky News]

[Source: Classic Hits Today]