Paul Anka is a TikTok phenomenon

Paul Anka is making a huge comeback and he credits TikTok for renewed interest in his 50’s classic “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.”Anka says the:30 remix TikTok clip nspired him to cut a new version of the classic. 

Paul jokes that these days he "can't go into a grocery store, run into a 16 year old and not give an autograph" thanks to the latest TikTok video craze with his song.

Anka recently asked Olivia Newton-John to join him for a remix of the “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” which also has an accompanying animated video. The song will be featured on Paul’s upcoming album ‘Magic Memories,” which will be released on his birthday on July 30th.

He’ll also be joined by guests like Michael BubleAndrea Bocelli and Il Divo on the project.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]