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Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Styx is back with something new today

The wait is over for Styx fans. Their new album Crash of the Crown is out today. It’s the 17th studio album from the legendary rock ‘n roll band—and their first since ‘The Mission’ in 2017.

Tommy Shaw talked about writing songs for the album:

"We got into such a groove doing The Mission that we never really stopped writing. You know, songwriting, it is one of those things that you don't necessarily write the whole album from scratch. So, there aren't really any rules. But we always keep gathering little bits and pieces -- little song buds or nuggets or acorns or whatever you want to call them. About four years ago or something I did [DEMONSTRATES ON GUITAR] and that just kept going and became the title track."

James “JY” Young discussed the new album:

"We're not trying to reinvent ourselves. Stylistically speaking we're doing things that are within the recognized Styx wheelhouse and we're just trying lyrically give it a contemporary spin with, you know, a little different seasoning maybe than what we've done in the past. And ultimately it's gonna be listening public that gives us thumbs up or thumbs down at our efforts."

Styx recorded the album in Nashville during the pandemic. Tommy Shaw talked about recording album in such an unprecedented time:

"This album really saved our sanity during the lockdown 'cause we had something we could do. We could be creative and interact with each other -- mostly remotely. You know, we kept our crew going through the whole lockdown and we really proved that it stays indeed a Styx family."

‘Crash of the Crown’ is now available on black vinyl, clear vinyl, CD and digital.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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