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Lou Gramm talks about his split with Mick Jones

Foreigner’s Lou Gramm blames their smash “I Want To Know What Love Is” for the decline of his relationship with former bandmate Mick Jones.

Gramm appeared on “The Jeremy White Podcast” and claimed he got “zero credit” for his work on the song, which was featured on their ‘Agent Provocateur” album and became the group’s biggest pop hit.

Lou said, “I worked my tail off” on the song, and “was contributing ideas to the arrangement too” but was given no credit. “The song was number one around the world, and the reality is [Mick] made a hundred percent of the song royalties,” he says. “I was aced out of that completely."

Gramm also said prior to that song Mick was fine sharing credit “no matter who contributed what,” but by the time “I Want To Know What Love Is” was created he only offered Lou five-percent credit and he turned it down.

He said then Jones started writing songs all on his own, only wanting Lou to sing them.

Gramm was asked if Mick’s “ego” got in the way of the band. Lou replied, "You can call it that,” adding, “I always wanted it [to be a] collaborative [effort], but after a certain point, he got caught up with what he was doing and didn't want input." 

Gramm left Foreigner back in 2002.

Source: Blabbermouth

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