David Lee Roth set for his big stage return

David Lee Roth will return to the stage in Las Vegas later this year. Diamond Dave broke the news Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn.

Dave said, “I’m going to Las Vegas on New Year’s and we’re rocking and rolling, You know, my guitar player passed away, Eddie Van Halen. He's either in heaven raisin' hell, or he's in hell, consequently in heaven. Read into that as you wish. And he would have me say it just like that. And I carry on that spirit deliberately. There’s a lot of Vegas DNA in what I do. Heavy wink. See you on New Year’s. And you know what? I just spoke to Alex Van Halen. We're about to celebrate our 50th year of ragging on each other."

Roth last did a residency at the House of Blues in Las Vegas in January of 2020 before it was canceled because of the pandemic.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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