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Roger Waters opens up about a classic Pink Floyd concert in Detroit

Roger Waters brought his ‘This Is Not a Drill’ tour to Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena last Saturday. The legendary rocker talked about having fond memories of performing in the “Motor City’ with Pink Floyd during a recent interview. 

Waters talked about hanging out with The Who at one of those shows:

"We had relay races against The Who in a little Motel in Dearborn I believe. So I have very, very fond memories. Also, we nearly blew ourselves up in the Cobo Hall. Whoever was there they will never have forgotten it because we had a really bad accident with some gunpowder and some steel canisters and things. How we all survived I've no idea, but we did. But I'll never forget it. It was a hell of a night."

That Cobo show was Pink Floyd’s only appearance at the legendary venue on March 5th, 1973 during their tour for their legendary album The Dark Side of the Moon.

Roger also talked about who won the relay race with The Who:

"Are you kidding? Keith Moon? Obviously Pete Townshend would tell you that I'm a liar and that they beat us. It's not true, you know. I'm not calling Pete a liar obviously. I love Pete Townshend. I love them all. And what a great band. What a great band."

Waters takes the current This Is Not a Drill tour to Chicago on tomorrow evening.

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[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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