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The Beatles' 'Revolver' box set is on the way

The Beatles ‘Revolver’ box set details have been officially announced. It will be released on October 28th.

The 5-CD or 4-LP and seven-inch single box sets each come with the album remixed by Giles Martin, two discs of album outtakes, an all-new transfer of the mono mix from the original master tape and an EP of "Paperback Writer" and "Rain” from 1966. 

This will be the first time a Beatles box set has been released that doesn’t include a Blu-Ray, high resolution audio DVD or Dolby Atmos mix (which will be available on Apple Music). 

Fans can also buy a two CD version with a disc of outtakes, plus CD and vinyl versions of the remix.

Giles indicated that had it not been for the Get Back documentary and the pandemic, this project likely would not have been reissued this fall. Martin and his team had time to develop the latest audio technology to be able to separate the instrumentation and vocals on the original recordings.

Martin said, "We developed the technology so we could do [the] Get Back [documentary]. And so Peter Jackson's team isolated guitar, bass and drums from that really, really well. So quite often you'd have some dialog and someone's playing guitar over the top of it and he'd be able to remove the guitar so you could hear what Paul or Ringo or George or John were saying. And then from from this I said, 'Okay, do you want to have a look at Revolver?' And I sent them the Revolver multi-track and we started working on that while we were doing Get Back."

As the announcement was made this week, the "2022 Mix" of George Harrison's "Taxman” was released along with a trailer for the project. Check them out on YouTube.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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