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Graham Nash and David Crosby are working together again

Graham Nash and David Crosby are apparently working together again, but they're still not talking to each other.

Nash has been working on an album for years that features several songs by other artists that he and Crosby sang background vocals on. Nash told the San Diego Union-Tribune that it "really is a great album, and I hope it comes out soon.”

He added, “It starts with us singing on (Stephen Stills’s 1970 solo hit) ‘Love the One You’re With,’ then on Jackson Browne’s (1972 hit) ‘Doctor My Eyes’ and James Taylor’s (1975 hit) ‘Mexico.’ It finishes off with me and David singing ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ with Carole King (in 1993) at the Universal Amphitheatre (in Los Angeles).”

Talking about a title for the album, Nash said, “I don’t know. Harmony?"   He also said that he "made a great album cover for it. I think anyone who hears it will say: ‘Holy ...., this really is a great record!’”

David Crosby once commented on the criteria he and Nash had for doing background vocals on other artists’ songs, saying, "We only do it for friends, and we only do it if we like the song. Those are the two caveats. If we don't like the song we just don't do it. And we don't do it for strangers and you can't pay us to do it."

Nash said he's still not talking with Crosby. The two had had a falling out following the 2013 publication of Nash’s memoir, Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life, but he does miss his old bandmate. He said,  “I think he’s really a great musician, totally unique, and we made a lot of really good music together in our lives. But, as with brothers, sometimes you argue and that (can wreck) your relationship. That’s what happened to David and me. But look at the music we made together.”

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[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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