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Elton John cashes in with 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' tour

Elton John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour kicked off back in 2018, and even though it was off in 2020 due to COVID, it’s still the 3rd highest grossing tour in history. 

According to “Billboard,” the tour has grossed $662.3 million, placing it at #3 on the list. There have been 4.5 million tickets sold to 257 shows. In North America alone, Elton has grossed $133.4 million from 830 million tickets sold.

As of today, Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” tour, which ran from 2017-2019, has earned the most money at $776.4 million, followed by U2’s “360” tour, from 2009 to 2011, that grossed $735.4 million. Elton has "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour dates confirmed through summer 2023, so he could still move up on the list. 

Elton was recently honored at the White House by President Biden with the National Humanities Medal. Elton and President Biden said,

Elton: "I just said to the First Lady, 'I'm never flabbergasted,' but I'm flabbergasted and humbled and honored by this incredible award from the United States of America. I will treasure this so much and it will make me double my efforts to make sure this disease goes away. America's kindness to me as a musician is second to none. But, in the war against AIDS and HIV it's even bigger and I can't thank you enough. I'm really emotional about this. Thank you."

President Biden: "By the way, it's all his fault that we're spending six-billion dollars in tax payer money this month to help fight HIV AIDS."

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[Source: U Discover Music; Courtesy of Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep]

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