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Classic Hits Spotlight: Lou Gramm talks about Foreigner's future

Former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm said recently that the legendary band starting their farewell tour this summer is "three or four years late."

Lou taked with Premiere Radio’s Radio's Sal Cirrincione and said,

LG: "I know that Mick is not in good health and over the years he's performed with them less and less. They have another guitar player shadowing him so in case Mick drops the ball a little bit, then the other guy can smoothly cover for him. You know, I've gotta say that when I joined Foreigner I was 25 and Mick was 37 and I'm 73 now. What does that make him?"

SC: "So that makes him 85."

LG: "What's he doing on stage?"

Jones claims to be 78.

In a recent interview with Kiki Classic Rock, Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson said Jones is OK with the band continuing on without him, but apparently that won't happen.

Pilson said, "It just feels like the right time, and I think he feels like, 'Let's go out while we're still on top. Kelly's [Hansen] still singing like a million bucks. Everybody's performing at their best.' ... the objective here is to go out on a high note, which not all bands do. I'm sure there's a lot of bands that they simply need the money, so I can't begrudge them for doing that. But because we're in a position where we don't have to worry about that, we're gonna go out on a high note and make sure that this legacy is preserved with all the respect and integrity that it deserves."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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