Mary Elizabeth Grimes Marian Middle School

Checking in with Mary Elizabeth Grimes of Marian Middle School and how they are changing lives, one girl at a time!

If you ever thought "I wish there was something positive I could do for building our community", take a listen to one of Judi's personal Superheroes: Mary Elizabeth Grimes, President of Marian Middle School! She shares how we can all build a community that thrives and is filled with diversity and LOVE! One Girl At A Time!

Join the fun for GIRLS NIGHT OUT on October 15th, a virtual event like no other! It's a fundraiser to empower the girls of Marian Middle School AND you'll be treated to an empowering talk by Lisa Nichols, CEO and Co-Founder of national technology company Technology Partners. VERY informative and she'll explain how "We can have a high IQ with intellectual smarts; we can have a high EQ that allows us to be social geniuses; but if we have a high GQ (Growth Quotient), we can be a better version of ourselves every day . Get your virtual Girls Night tickets and info HERE!