Beautiful Zoom Wedding!

When my daughter, Shira informed me that she and her fiance' Carlo did not want to "wait out" Covid anymore to get married, and had booked a date for a virtual Zoom Court Marriage, I was more than a little bummed...

It's not that I expected my very conservative daughter (unlike her mother!) would ever go for a big wedding, totally not her style. As my only daughter, I had hoped to at least BE there in person for the big event. Then, Covid happened and 2020 looked to be one major bad news event after another. She and Carlo had been together over 7 years, they bought a condo together, they went through her going through college and law school and passing her bar exam. If they can go through all that, I knew they'd be great for the long haul.

She booked the virtual wedding two weeks prior and up until the actual day, I tried to no avail to get them to wait even a little so I could be there for it. BUT, having said all that, they did EXACTLY the right thing. I put together this little montage video of their zoom wedding so that if anyone wanted to see what it was like, and how wonderful a virtual wedding really could be, much to my happy surprise! The coolest part had to be that Carlo's family (from Italy) were all able to attend, as were my family (from California) and her dad's family (from the Midwest). It was incredible the way we were able to connect without physically being there. So, in the end, my daughter as usual was smarter than me and it was a beautiful day. A bright spot in 2020. Just something we all need a little of this year! Namaste' - Judi