Robert Plant does live solo rendition of "Kashmir"

Robert Plant made history on Tuesday night (March 14th) when he performed his first solo rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," according to Plant and two members of his solo band Sensational Space Shifters -- Justin Adams and John Baggott -- joined renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy and his band at London's Royal Albert Hall for the 1975 Physical Graffiti classic -- along with a version of the standard, "Hey Joe," globally known from Jimi Hendrix's legendary take, which has long been part of Plant's solo repertoire.

Plant and Kennedy first teamed up together back in 1992 for Plant's Fate Of Nations solo album. Plant last performed "Kashmir" at Led Zeppelin's December 10th, 2007 reunion show at London's O2 Arena. In addition to Plant, the classically trained Nigel Kennedy has also recorded and performed with Paul McCartney, the Who, and Kate Bush, among others.

  • Robert Plant feels that the way he approaches his music theses days -- including the covering of Zeppelin favorites -- remains true to the ethos of what the band stood for: ["You have to be creative and imaginative and move on. And I think the great essence of Led Zeppelin is the creativity and the imagination that developed with each project. And a project is a project. It's not just going back and visiting the past. It's moving forward."] 
  • Sensational Space Shifters guitarist Justin Adams, who has been writing, recording, and performing with Robert Plant since 2002, told us that familiarity is definitely not one of the traits Plant looks for when hitting the road: [“We just tweak things all the time. The thing is Robert, y’know, why is he doing it? He’s doing it ‘cause he loves it. And he’s kind of set up the band, so that it’s not, y’know, a sort of really, kind of, well-rehearsed, y’know, show. He wants the creative fireworks to happen on stage, then and there. He wants to be surprised.”] 

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