American Idol: What's up with Katy Perry

KATY PERRY:  Tension on American Idol

There’s turmoil backstage at American Idol.  TMZ reports that judge Katy Perry is "habitually tardy" to the show and that the crew always counts on her being upward of 30 minutes late.

In front of the camera, everything appears to be rosy. The two other judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, haven’t complained one bit about Katy running late. Meanwhile, there’s whispers behind the scenes that this American Idol feels completely different from the previous one. The judges lack chemistry but they're not fighting, either. So the tension that Simon Cowell created, and fans wanted to watch every week, is sorely lacking.

There had been vocal concerns about Katy’s abilities after she botched hosting the MTV Video Music Awards. A source revealed, "They’re freaking out that they hired someone who is terrible on live TV."

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