Tom Petty's daughter issues a statement about her dad

TOM PETTY:  Daughter takes to Instagram

Following last week's news that Tom Petty died of an accidental overdose of prescription medications, his daughter AnnaKim, from his first marriage, felt compelled to issue a statement on Instagram:

"Thomas Earl Petty lived a million lifetimes in one. He overcame much psychic pain from an abusive childhood by transforming his anger into the greatest rock 'n' roll band ever. My dad in the past openly overcame a crippling drug problem with no shame. His recent death is tragic, yet he died from doing what he loved and what will continue to keep his spirit alive. Touring with a broken hip because he would have it no other way. He loved performing. There are no hypothetical questions. I love my dad and feel he is an immortal bad ass. The amount of pain his hip caused was beyond a normal surgery. He is at peace [and] out of pain. I thank you for respecting my family’s privacy and inviting love during this shocking new chapter. My dad loved his life and left behind so much love in his music for us to share. Invite love, listen to Tom Petty. He passed away with his family in a room filled with love. I feel very connected to him. Give love to everyone you meet."

Petty was 66 when he died on October 2nd.

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