David Lee Roth impersonator going to jail

DAVID LEE ROTH:  Impersonator will stand trial

A man who had been impersonating David Lee Roth since 2006 is taking his act to a Canadian jail.

David Kuntz-Angel was apprehended on January 3rd in British Columbia on charges of sex with a minor. He was denied bail last Friday and faces 12 counts stretching back to 2006.

He'll go on trial in May.

(The real David Lee Roth is pictured.).

MORE BIG 95 MUSIC NEWS:  Meat Loaf impostor, Neil Diamond's retirement

MEAT LOAF:  Someone is putting words in his mouth

Meat Loaf joins a list of artists who have impostors, but this one does his pretending over the phone.

The real Meat writes on Facebook, "Please be aware there is a person out there who will talk to you on a phone, tell you he is me and try to get money from you. Do not give this fake, money. He sent one person a picture of him and President Trump at a White House dinner. President Trump would have known it wasn't me. So I'm sure he just stood in the picture line because he said he was me. Please do not have any contact with this very evil human being. If he contacts you, please send me the message and the phone number he gave you to call. Please let us know. We need all the information we can get on him. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON SEND THIS JERK ANY MONEY! One last thing, if you get a phone call, ask him how much he weighs."

Other artists who've had to deal with impostors include Peter Criss, Ritchie Blackmore and David Lee Roth

(The real Meat Loaf is pictured.).

NEIL DIAMOND:  Micky Dolenz talks about Neil's retirement

The Monkees' Micky Dolenz says he's "dismayed at the news" about Neil Diamond.

Diamond wrote The Monkees' most successful single, "I'm a Believer," as well as "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)." Their success helped built his reputation as a songwriter, as Diamond soon become a chart mainstay.

Dolenz adds, "Through his music, Neil brought untold joy to countless fans and to the world in general. I wish you all the best, Neil, and a remain a 'Believer' in everything you do."

Neil Diamond reflects on The Monkees' cover of "I'm a Believer" that was number-one in both the U.S. and Britain this week in 1967:

"Actually, I wrote that song for myself and I had it on an album that was about to come out. And the producer of The Monkees just heard a record I had out 'Cherry Cherry' at the time, and wanted to hear more of my songs. So I sent over a couple of songs that were about to come out from my album, including 'I'm a Believer,' and they recorded them. I was very grateful because they had huge success with their records. They were the hottest thing going and I was happy about it."

Neil Diamond's disclosure of Parkinson's Disease makes him, by our count, the third Rock and Roll Hall of Famer to reveal that diagnosis.

Linda Ronstadt made a similar announcement in 2013, a year before her induction. Earth, Wind and Fire founder Maurice White retired from the band as his symptoms grew more severe. He died in 2016.

Other well-known celebrities who live with the neurological disorder:

  • Michael J. Fox
  • Reverend Billy Graham
  • Billy Connoly
  • Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia

The late Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams, Bob Hoskins and Pope John Paul the Second suffered from Parkinson's.

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