Journey: Cain is ready to bury the hatchet

JOURNEY:  Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon may bury the hatchet

Jonathan Cain seems pretty confident that he and Neal Schon will be able to put last year's sniping behind them when they hit the road with Def Leppard this summer.

Cain tells Rolling Stone that it wasn't hard to deal with Schon bashing him on social media last year. "It's kind of like if you have a fight with your wife. You live in the same house. You have to weather it and overcome it... You go through these things and you gotta get out the steam. Everybody has to vent. Then it's like, 'OK, you said what you said. You said how you feel. Let's move on.' That's how I feel. Let's hit reset and make great music."

And he doesn't exactly dispute Schon's claims that Cain didn't want to record new music. "I think there's timing for everything. I just felt like the last couple of years wasn't the time for new music. There has to be a time where it feels right, not only for the marketplace, but for us as a band. It's expensive to go into the studio." When asked if there's an audience for new Journey songs, Cain responded by saying "it's small" and made a tiny circle with his finger and thumb.

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