Keith Richards apologizes to Mick Jagger

THE ROLLING STONES:  Keith Richards apologizes to Mick Jagger for comments

Keith Richards has once again asking for Mick Jagger's forgiveness, this time following comments about he made about his bandmate in the Wall Street Journal.

Keith was critical of Mick's having an eighth child in 2016. He said, "Mick’s a randy old [expletive]. It’s time for the snip -- you can’t be a father at that age. Those poor kids!”

Realizing he'd stirred the pot, Richards then tweeted, "I deeply regret the comments I made about Mick in the Wall Street Journal, which were completely out of line. I have of course apologized to him in person."

Back in 2010, Richards had to say how sorry he was for writing in his memoir, Life, that Jagger had small penis. He wrote, "Marianne Faithfull had no fun with [Mick Jagger's] tiny todger. I know he's got an enormous pair of balls -- but it doesn't quite fill the gap."

 Keith went on to say:  

 "The book didn't go down too well in certain areas. But at the same time it cleared the air. Either you got over that and that would be that, or move forward and on. And I think, you know, we jumped another hurdle. I mean 50 years. Can you imagine being married to Mick Jagger for 50 years, you know what I mean?"

Mick hasn't commented, and most likely will not comment, on this latest episode of Keith putting his foot in his mouth.

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BEACH BOYS:  Brian Wilson won't be slowing down anytime soon

Brian Wilson has no plans to slow down.

While fellow legends such as Neil Diamond and Elton John plan to stop touring, Brian enjoys being on the road more than ever. Longtime bandmate Al Jardine says "he really misses being out there."

Jardine says that after a year and a half of playing Pet Sounds, Brian's band will perform a different Beach Boys album this November and December: their classic 1964 Christmas Album.

Al Jardine talked about Brian Wilson's plans for 2018:

"We're working as much as we can, actually. In May, we're pretty much out there for the month of May. It's going to be a three, three-and-a-half week run for us. No, we haven't slowed down. And then we're going to do a holiday... a little tour around November. And we're going to re-create the Christmas album, or some portions of it, anyway. Brian's looking forward to it, I know he is because I just spoke to him. And he says he really misses being out there."

ELTON JOHN:  Left out of his mother's will

Elton John's mother just about cut him out of her will.

Despite word of a reconciliation last year, the New York Post reports that Sheila Farebrother left her son only some family photos and a pair of decorative blue and gold urns. Elton received no money from an estate valued at nearly $1 million -- while his mum left a reported $738,000 to her personal assistant, whom Elton did not care for. She also left money to her other son, Elton's half brother Frederick Farebrother, and her good friend Deborah Woodward.

With a fortune estimated at more than $400 million, the Rocket Man is hardly hurting for finances. But the sentiment behind Sheila Farebrother's bequest indicates that mother and son's up-and-down relationship ended on a sour note.

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