Rod Stewart has big plans for 2018

ROD STEWART:  Opens up about touring, new music and possible retirement

Rod Stewart has a full plate for 2018.

Starting a Canadian tour this week, he will return to Las Vegas in June and then hit the road again this summer with Cyndi Lauper. Plus, he's got a new album on the way -- though he's not exactly sure about the release date.

Rod Stewart previews his upcoming album Blood Red Roses, but isn't sure when it will go on sale:

"We're not sure. It may be in May, it may be in September. Obviously, I've got to promote the album, so the longer I can promote it, the better. The final selection hasn't been settled on yet, but mostly the songs have been written by me and my co-writer Kevin Savigar, who is now back in my band, funnily enough."

It's clear that Rod enjoyed working with Cyndi Lauper last summer and was happy to extend their partnership.

He says, "She's a very, very lively act. She's sometimes a little eccentric, but the crowd love her. I don't know who put the idea together of the two of us... working together. But it's worked, the chemistry's wonderful. We did a tour last year and it was a big success, so we're carrying on this year. She's a spunky girl, you know. She's really got some energy, and I love her dearly."

The "R" word (retirement) keeps coming up in conversations with rock legends. Rod didn't take Elton John's retirement announcement all that seriously:

"Elton's tour, for instance... Elton's retirement goes on for three a half years [chuckle], that is unbelievable. I don't understand why he didn't like, right at the end of his tour, say, 'That's it, guys. I'm going to disappear.' Everything has to come to an end, eventually. You know, there'll come a time when I too, will have to hang up my boots, in soccer parlance. But hopefully, it won't be for a couple of years. I'm enjoying myself so much."

Rod Stewart's Canadian tour continues through April 10th. His summer schedule with Cyndi Lauper begins June 25th at the Hollywood Bowl.

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RINGO STARR:  New lineup for his All-Star Band this year

Recently knighted as Sir Richard Starkey, Ringo Starr will be heading out with a slightly different All-Starr Band this year.

Richard Page of Mr. Mister has been replaced on bass by Graham Gouldman of 10cc, and Todd Rundgren has been replaced by Colin Hay of Men at Work. The rest of the lineup remains the same -- Steve Lukather of Toto and Gregg Rolie of Santana, plus sax player Warren Ham and drummer Gregg Bissonette.

The band will be on the road in Europe from June 6th through July 11th, with a U.S. leg slated to start on September 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma and wrap up in Los Angeles on September 29th.

CHEAP TRICK:  Forced to cancel Japan trip due to illness

We finally know why Robin Zander of Cheap Trick was free to appear on Broadway at the end of April, even through the group was set to play in Japan that week.

Live Nation Japan issued a statement saying that, "Rick Nielsen has been under medical care and due to the nature of his temporary illness, he is prohibited to fly long distances overseas by his doctor for the next several months." The band followed that up by saying they were disappointed to cancel but "looking forward to celebrating 40th anniversary of Live at Budokan (and Heaven Tonight) later this year." They didn't reveal what illness is keeping Nielsen from flying.

Zander will appear at part of Rocktopia on Broadway April 23rd through the 29th.  Cheap Trick and Poison will make a stop at Toyota Music Factory in Irving on June 2nd.  Listen to the Big Morning Show for ticket winning details soon, courtesy of Live Nation.

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