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Olivia Newton-John updates fans and talks about her auction

Olivia Newton-John says she’s in a good place these days. The singer-actress says she's feeling well and enjoying life at home, while being treated for a chronic cancer condition.

Social quarantining for Olivia means remaining on her small Southern California ranch with her husband John Easterling. Olivia says she understands and feels for those whose lives aren't as easy under the current restrictions:

"I know this sounds very strange and I... feel so bad for people who are locked in apartment buildings and are along or are in a city that I have actually had a wonderful time. 'Cause I've been in one for longer than I've ever been, apart from when I was pregnant [chuckle] I think. Just, you know, reacquainting myself with my animals and my home and my husband and planting things and watching them grow. I have actually enjoyed this time."

Olivia auctioned several of her Grease outfits for charity last year, and she's selling more of her personal collection, while offering Zoom calls to fans as a new fundraiser benefiting her ONJ Foundation. Its mission is to develop more natural and herb-based cancer treatments.

Olivia talked about her auction to benefit the foundation:

"Some other things that I had, some personal things and some little bits of artwork I've done and some music that I've signed and a couple of Zooms that they're going to auction off, talking to some people. Hopefully, they wanted to talk to me. I'm very excited 'cause all the funds are going to the Foundation. And the first auction that we did last year with my Grease things really started... gave us the seed money to actually get the foundation started."

She added, "Yeah, living well with cancer. That's something else. As the research goes on and they find kinder treatments, people will be able to live well with it. That's the point. I am and hopefully we can find many other ways that people can do by improvements in their diet... the herbs and vitamins, their mental state. Combining therapies, too. I mean, everyone has to make their own decisions on this. I'm not going to be telling people what they, what they should do. Just giving them choices."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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