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Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Marilyn McCoo and Billy David Jr. cover The Beatles

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Junior have considered themselves big Beatles fans for decades and now the duo are giving fans their take on 10 Fab Four classics in a new collection.

Marilyn and husband Billy have been performing medleys of Lennon-McCartney classics during performances and albums for years. This Friday, BMG will release Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons with songs like "Got to Get You Into My Life," "Yesterday," and their version of the classic "And I Love Her” as a duet.

Billy and Marilyn recently sat down and talked about the songs included in the new collection:

Billy: "We knew that 'Blackbird' was more of a civil rights, human rights song -- that it was written for that. And then we started searching some of the other Beatles songs that kinda fit that program. 'Ticket to Ride,' and we thought of Rosa Parks. 'The Long and Winding Road,' with what's you going on, you think things have... 

Marilyn: "Changed...

Billy: "Changed, but you still are going around that long and winding road and coming back right where you started.

Marilyn: "Because, in many ways, it kind of reminded us of what we had gone through in the late '60s."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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