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Eric Clapton opens up about the pandemic and being vaccinated

Eric Clapton has opened up about dealing with life during the pandemic.

The rock ‘n roll legend opened up in a 25-minute segment for Oracle Films and he discussed where to turn to deal with life during the pandemic.He also discussed his thoughts on the vaccine and what his family and friends think of his beliefs.

Here are some of Clapton’s responses during the interview:

Clapton talked about why he was vaccinated:

"I don't want to drop dead on them. I don't want them to lose me. I don't want to lose them. All the natural responses I think."

Clapton went on to talk about receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and suffering side effects, including flu-like symptoms an increase in pain from his Peripheral Neuropathy.

The musical icon went on to say the vaccine “took his immune system and ‘shoot it around.’”

Clapton went on to say that he "caught this anxiety syndrome... so much of the sickness is in our heads. We've become weak."

Eric Clapton will tour the U.S. starting in September.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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