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Gary Numan opens up about his latest album

Gary Numan's new studio album ‘Intruder’ keeps his signature haunting sound and mood. The album was released in May and Numan gave his thoughts on his 21st studio album.

Intruder was inspired by the poem "Earth," which was written several years ago by Numan’s daughter Echo. He says that in it (the album), "the planet speaks with the other planets and talk about how horrible people were. I turned it into an album -- it all came from the brain of a [then-] 11-year-old.

Numan went on to say ‘Intruder’ resembles "a soundtrack looking for a film."

The British star, who first scored with American audiences in the summer of 1980 with the classic “Cars,” moved to southern California with his family back in 2012.Numan’s family contributed to the new album with daughter Persia being the primary songwriter on the song “The Black Sun.”

Both of Numan’s daughters, Persia and sister Raven, sing backup on several tracks.

Numan talked about the album ‘Intruder’:

"The idea behind the album is to speak from the Earth's point of view. If the Earth is able to articulate the way it feels about us and what we're doing to the planet, what would it say? So every song on the album tries to give the Earth's point of view from a slightly different angle with each one. And we try to do a parallel between the way that we... some people refuse to believe in climate change but we were willing to believe in a God and so-on. It tries to bring out the things in as it's going along."

He added, "But it is quite heavy and it is quite dark. In some ways, somebody said the other day that it's like a soundtrack looking for a film."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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