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Big week for Beatles fans

Fab Four fans rejoice… The Beatles' new documentary, ‘Get Back,’ will premiere on Disney + Thanksgiving Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The documentary was originally supposed to be just a few hours long and it was going to open in theaters in August of last year, but COVID pushed the project back a year.

Director Peter Jackson talked about his goal in putting the film together:

"I just wanted to try to do it truthfully, But truthful is a funny collaboration goodwill with a lot of moments of tension and stress. I mean it's still there. You can easily mount an argument that say this movie Get Back is actually a lot tougher than Let it Be 'cause we got things in Get Back that are I think are more kind of stressful and tougher in some respects than what you see in Let it Be. I think the point is that you understand the context. It's all about context."

Paul McCartney talked about what he likes about the documentary:

"The most happiness would be seeing how silly we were. It's a wonder we got anything done because we're just messing around. We're learning the songs, but we're not being too serious about it. But even to play them as a joke you're learning them. So when it comes to playing them for real, like on the roof as it was, then you're not so intimidated about them because you've been having a laugh. And I think that was the nicest thing for me."

Ringo Starr talked about one of his favorite scenes from the film:

"There's a great piece in the thing for me where Paul says, 'Who wants to play live?' and you can hear me in the background going, 'I do.' And that's what we did and it was great."

The ‘Get Back’ documentary comes after last month's publication of the ‘Get Back’ book and a deluxe reissue of the ‘Let it Be’ album.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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