Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Eagles and Paul McCartney shows marked by incidents

The Eagles and Paul McCartney both incidents in their audiences at shows last Saturday in England.

The Eagles performed a show in London's Hyde Park, and a brawl broke out in the Diamond VIP section as the legendary group performed “Take It Easy.”

While Deacon Frey was singing the line, "Lighten up while you still can / Don't even try to understand / Just find a place to make your stand / And take it easy" several fans got into an altercation before security led them out.

About 65 miles away at the Glastonbury festival, Paul McCartney stopped his show when a fan who was up front, 50-year old Lisa Morris, suffered a medical emergency.

McCartney was telling a story about Jimi Hendrix when he noticed the commotion.

McCartney asked, “What’s going on there? Something happening in the middle of the crowd. Let’s attend to it.”

When he noticed security was taking care of the fan, McCartney joked: “It wasn’t that solo I played, was it?”

The fan is now doing fine, but later said she's “absolutely gutted” to have missed the rest of the show. Lisa Morris was celebrating her 20th year of volunteering at Glastonbury’s on-site church when the medical incident occurred.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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