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The Beatles' classic 'Revolver' album reissue out today

The wall outside London's Abbey Road Studios, long adorned with graffiti, has been covered with the artwork of the The Beatles' ‘Revolver’ album in celebration of today’s release of the deluxe edition of the 1966 iconic album.

John Lennon invited graphic artist and musician Klaus Voorman, who The Beatles met while working in Hamburg, Germany in the early '60s, to design the cover.

Voorman recalled Lennon asking him to design the album’s cover:

"He said come down to the studio and we play you the tracks we have up to now. So that's what I did and the music was so astonishing. This was just such a step into a direction which was not known to pop music at the time. And, it was very, very hard for me to actually know what I was going to do for that record because this was not a normal pop record. This was something into the future."

Klaus recalled deciding the album cover needed three elements:

"It's the faces that people have to see, like always. They always have to see the faces of the band. And then they need lots of photos. And the third thing was hair. Lots of hair."

Joe Walsh now owns Voorman’s original pen and ink drawing. It hangs in Walsh’s library. Joe said, "Klaus was amazed because he lost track of it. He had no idea whatever happened to it. And, when I told him I'd been keeping it all this time for him, he was...I got him real good. Put it that way."

The deluxe reissues of Revolver -- five-CD or four-LP and seven-inch single box sets – include the album remixed by Giles Martin, two discs of outtakes, a new transfer of the mono mix from the original master tape and an EP of the classics "Paperback Writer" and "Rain” from 1966.

This is the first ever Beatles box set to not include a Blu-Ray or DVD with high resolution audio or a Dolby Atmos mix. That mix will be available exclusively on Apple Music.

[Source:  Classic Hits Today]

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