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Van Halen tribute tour?

Alex Van Halen did consider a possible tribute tour for his late brother Eddie with Van Halen.  Eddie's son Wolfgang told he doesn't know what the plans are.

Wolfgang said, "I'm sure he does [want to play music again]. But in the same respect of my feelings of not wanting to play the [Van Halen] material because I only wanted to play with my dad, I know he feels the same way. So, I really don't know. He's a very private guy. We still talk all the time, but in terms of playing anything, I don't know if he really has that desire as long as my dad's not here."

During an interview Classic Rock magazine, Wolfgang indicated that while Van Halen's last album, 2012's A Different Kind of Truth, was mostly a collection of re-do’s of old demos, they did write one new song for that album, but it was never recorded.

He said, "I remember the way we knew how to work with Dave [Lee Roth]. Al, Dad and I were working on a song at the time [before the album]. We’d come up with something in the moment when we were jamming and it was really cool — we called it 'Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Panama' as a joke, because it had a vibe of both of those songs put together — ['Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love' and 'Panama'].

Wolfgang added, “We told the producer we were working with at the time, ‘When Dave comes to sing tonight, whatever you do, do not tell him that we wrote this. When we’re together tomorrow, we can come to him together and act, like, 'Hey listen to this…’

He also said, “But he didn’t listen to us. He told Dave. ‘Hey, check this out…’ And Dave was, like, [abruptly] ‘No, not doing it. We were, like, ‘If you’d listened to us, it could have been another cool song on the album.’ The relationship between Van Halen and their singers was always complicated.”

Wolfgang is expected to release a new album, Mammoth II, this Friday.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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